Affaire Navalny : les relations Russie-UE sont au "plus bas" juge l’émissaire de l'UE à Moscou

04 February 2021
France 24
Elle a des leviers, mais elle "sous-estime sa capacité à influencer le comportement des Russes", déplore Ian Bond, chef du département de politique étrangère du Centre for European Reform (CER).

Europe should pay attention to Germany's debt brake debate

02 February 2021
Financial Times
But Christian Odendahl, of the Centre for European Reform in Berlin, thinks Mr Braun has done Mr Laschet and Europe a favour, “to break the taboo, for after the election”. And the chancellor was probably behind it. “This was Merkel holding the pen.”

Europol and differentiated integration

Camino Mortera-Martinez, Zoran Nechev, Ivan Damjanovski
02 February 2021
Europol has become a hub for differentiated integration. Initially a small anti-drugs unit, the EU’s police agency is now a fully-fledged body where law enforcement agencies from all around the world work together.

Why Britain wants to join a Pacific trade deal

01 February 2021
The Telegraph
The rules of origin requirements are a little more useful, according to Sam Lowe at the Centre for European Reform.“The benefit of having an agreement with all of these countries instead of individual bilateral agreements is that you can use inputs from other members when trying to meet local contact thresholds, which makes it a bit easier to qualify for tariff-free trade,” he says.

EU's vaccine fiasco to cause bitter 'election upheaval' in France, Germany and Netherlands

01 February 2021
Chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, Christian Odendahl wrote on Twitter, alongside a picture of a survey by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "Approval rating of Merkel‘s government is in free fall, on the back of the vaccine disaster and mishandling of the second wave."

UK makes formal request to join trans-Pacific trade deal

01 February 2021
Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said accession could be a useful counterpoint to those who thought Brexit was a nationalist policy and a retreat from the world stage.“Even signalling that the UK wants to join the CPTPP is a useful global signal that the UK is still interested in rules based trade, is still interested in working together with others,” he said.

Breaking up is so hard to do

30 January 2021
The Australian Financial Review
There is pain on the European side too, of course, but it is less dependent overall on the Britain-EU trade relationship. And for Brusssels, says CER economist John Springford, Britain's pain is a necessary price. "The strategy of the EU has always been to play hardball because they need to show that Brexit hurts," he says. 

A month on from Brexit, UK firms are being slowly ground down

30 January 2021
“People refer to lots of the problems as teething problems,” said Sam Lowe, senior fellow at the Centre for European Reform in London. “But while businesses will learn how to fill in forms, we should acknowledge that new bureaucracy is the new reality and there’s a lot more to come.”

Europe's year zero after Merkel

30 January 2021
The German election in September 2021 marks a new beginning in European politics.

BBC News: EU, Germany and the vaccines

29 January 2021
"It's about boosting the supply of the vaccines, and quickly. [...] This is the richer countries' job, and I think that's where the EU's strategy fell short" Christian Odendal, chief economist of the Centre for European Reform told BBC News.

Britain has successfully rolled over the EU’s trade deals

29 January 2021
The Economist
Sam Lowe, of the Centre for European Reform, a think tank, points out that doing deals is also harder when there is no deadline.

The EU-AstraZeneca vaccine fight, explained

29 January 2021
But, initially, richer EU members like Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands began to negotiate deals with vaccine makers themselves, including with AstraZeneca.

Majority of lorries crossing channel to France are empty as Brexit hits trade

28 January 2021
ITV News
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said the number of empty lorries is a cause or concern.“[They] suggest a substantial hit to the UK economy. And with new sanitary and photo sanitary controls still to be phased in by the British it is possible we will see increased disruption over the coming months,” he said.

Brexit Britain set for '50 years' of non-stop negotiations with EU to improve current deal

27 January 2021
Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform, fears the UK still has five key areas that will determine the future relationship between the country and the European Union. Mr Grant looked at European countries outside the EU, like Switzerland, who have been in a constant negotiation limbo with the bloc since the mid-seventies. The political expert forecast Brexit Britain may soon be entering a similar situation and face as much as 50 years of additional talks with Brussels.

Brexit negotiations could continue for '50 years' to improve deal

27 January 2021
The New European
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, told the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change that the UK could end up like Switzerland - a country which has been in negiotiation limbo since the mid-seventies.Grant warned that very little had been settled with the Brexit deal that decides the UK's long-term relationship with the bloc.

Brexit leaves UK and EU diminished in fight against international crime

26 January 2021
Financial Times
Camino Mortera-Martinez, an expert in EU justice and security at the Centre for European Reform, foresees difficulties in reconciling the EU’s perceived data protection “gold standard” with the UK becoming laxer to boost innovation. 

Britain joins US in attack on China’s trade subsidies

23 January 2021
The Telegraph
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said joining the tripartite group would be “a good way of building bridges with the US and the EU on trade”.He said: “It’s good for the UK to try and come to a consensus position on these issues; there’s no point in the UK taking its own approach. If the aim is actually to try and change Chinese behaviour and get new commitments from China in these areas, then you need to present a united front.

Biden y Europa: ¿la gran esperanza blanca?

21 January 2021
El Periodico
El nuevo presidente de EEUU devolverá la calma a las relaciones con Europa, aunque esa no va a ser su prioridad.

Judy Asks: Is the EU too soft on Putin?

21 January 2021
Carnegie Europe
After more than twenty years, the EU has not found a successful strategy to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US President Biden's rocky road to rebuilding trust with Europe

21 January 2021
“Trump literally thought that EU had been set up to cheat and take advantage of the US,” said Luigi Scazzieri, a researcher at the Centre for European Reform think-tank. “Biden doesn’t, so this makes working together feasible in a huge range of areas,” he said.