In the Press - European Union's message to UK: Just leave already

18 October 2019
The New York Times
“The EU showed a lot of patience,” said Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska, a Brussels-based analyst with the Centre for European Reform. “It’s very rare that hours before the European Council starts, that individual states don’t even have a legal text. The deadline set for midnight Tuesday was supposed to be absolute, but the parties wanted to deliver on this. The objective is to move on.”

In the Press - No 10's concessions in race to break Brexit deadlock

17 October 2019
Financial Times
“It has been written in a specific way to appeal to British viewers, but the default position is Northern Ireland is treated as if it is in the EU customs union,” said Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - This deal doesn't get Brexit done – it's just the end of the beginning

17 October 2019
The Telegraph
Some countries like Australia and New Zealand are, meanwhile, negotiating their own trade agreements with the EU, complicating a future trade deal with the UK. “It’s not in Australia or New Zealand’s interest to annoy the European Commission,” says Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Turkey's Syria incursion: Can Ankara force NATO to provide assistance?

17 October 2019
Euro News
Luigi Scazzieri, a research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, concurred: "Turkey could trigger Article 5 but it would hardly be credible unless Turkish territory was attacked by Russia or Syria," he told Euronews by e-mail."Other member states would probably be unwilling to provide assistance, unless Turkey came under sustained attack, given that Ankara started this bout of fighting," he added.

In the Press - A Brexit deal in hand, Boris Johnson faces an uphill struggle in parliament

17 October 2019
The New York Times
But nobody really knows how things will pan out. “We have one step forward, in that we’re talking about something substantive,” said Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, a research group in London. “But we still really have no idea where this is all going to land.”

In the Press - PM Johnson scrambles to save Brexit deal ahead of key Saturday vote

17 October 2019
City A.M
The new agreement has effectively shifted the backstop into the Irish Sea, pleasing those who feared border checks on the island of Ireland, and appears to draw on the plans readied under Theresa May, including the proposal for tariff rebates for firms moving goods into Northern Ireland that do not progress into the RepublicCentre for European Reform trade expert Sam Lowe described it as “Chequers for Northern Ireland”. 

In the Press - Rennen gegen die tickende Brexit-Uhr

17 October 2019
Die Welt
Nach Berechnung des unabhängigen Londoner Instituts Centre for European Reform war die britische Wirtschaft im zweiten Quartal 2019 um 2,9 Prozent kleiner, als sie es ohne das Brexit-Votum wäre. Durch den Brexit „verursachte Unsicherheit hat generell ökonomische Aktivitäten getroffen und besonders nachteilige Effekte für Investitionen gehabt“, heißt es in dem am Mittwoch vorgestellten Report.

In the Press - Tylko Boris Johnson może to zrobić

17 October 2019
May głosowała w referendum za pozostaniem w Unii i w oczach eurosceptycznych torysów była niewiarygodna. Z Borisem Johnsonem jest zupełnie inaczej. Był liderem kampanii na rzecz brexitu, wielu uważa, że jeśli nie on, to nikt nie wyprowadzi kraju z Unii – mówi „Rzeczpospolitej" Ian Bond, dyrektor londyńskiego Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Brexit deal on a knife-edge as Boris Johnson scrambles to find agreement with DUP

16 October 2019
The Mirror
Brexit has cost almost £70billion since the 2016 referendum thanks to the economy being 2.9% smaller than if the UK voted Remain, according to the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Greta Thunberg accuses rich countries of "creative carbon accounting"

16 October 2019
The Economist
Trade deals could be used to encourage exporting countries to cut emissions, says Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank in London. The EU is considering a “carbon border adjustment”— higher tariffs on goods from countries that do not meet the EU’s environmental standards.