In the Press - Brexit talks: The brutal reckoning that awaits the UK

20 November 2019
Financial Times
For Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, “many businesses would find adapting to a new FTA just as troublesome as if the UK had crashed out without a deal”.

In the Press - Berlin urges Nato rethink after Macron jibe at ‘brain-dead’ alliance

20 November 2019
Financial Times
Sophia Besch, a defence and security specialist at the Centre for European Reform think-tank, said the Maas plan appeared serious and reflected both the centrality of Nato in German defence policy and Berlin’s preference for “reform through review”.

In the Press - British voters unimpressed as Johnson, Corbyn clash in TV debate

20 November 2019
Voice of America
Both leaders pledged big increases in spending on health, education, and tackling climate change. But in reality, Brexit will still likely dominate the next parliament, says analyst Ian Bond of the Centre for European Reform. “If we leave the EU on 31st January, then we will have several more years of uncertainty while we negotiate the future trade deal with the EU.”

In the Press - Mission creep

19 November 2019
Financial Times
Sophia Besch at the Centre for European Reform on whether Brussels’ foray into defence spending can overcome entrenched interests from global governments and Nato.

In the Press - Macron, el gran provocador

18 November 2019
La Vanguardia
“Macron tiene muchas más ideas que otros líderes europeos. Pero tendría más influencia si tuviera la paciencia de construir coaliciones para defenderlas”, apuntó Charles Grant, director del Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Brexit news latest: Boris Johnson warned trade deal will be Canada minus if Britain severs ties with EU

15 November 2019
The Evening Standard
Charles Grant, director at the Centre for European Reform, laid out concerns after recent visits to Berlin and Paris. “Germans are fed up Brexit has taken so long, but believe that transition period will have to be extended beyond Dec 2020,” he tweeted. On the future trade relationship, he believes Berlin will “prioritise” seeking “level playing field” arrangements between the EU and UK.

In the Press - Droht ein harter Brexit durch die Hintertür?

14 November 2019
Deutsche Welle
Ein sehr reduziertes Freihandelsabkommen, in dem nur Zölle und Warenverkehr geregelt werden, sei zwar schneller zu schaffen, meint John Springford vom Thinktank "Centre for European Reform", aber nicht in den verbleibenden elf Monaten im nächsten Jahr. Denn die Verhandlungen mit Großbritannien können überhaupt erst nach dem Brexit am 31. Januar 2020 beginnen.

In the Press - Can UK get 'super Canada-plus' trade deal with EU by end of 2020?

12 November 2019
The Guardian
The UK will want a zero-tariff deal allowing the free flow of goods to and from the UK and the EU.However, this comes with strings attached. As Sam Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said this “will be dependent on the UK complying with EU level playing field demands on state aid, the environment and labour rights”.

In the Press - Tightening up Schengen

Raoul Ueberecken
12 November 2019
Financial Times
Tightening up Schengen Raoul Ueberecken, a former EU official in charge of justice and home affairs, has written a report for the Centre for European Reform listing measures to reinforce the creaking Schengen borderless travel zone. 

In the Press - Macron questioning NATO in Economist interview raises eyebrows about his methods

11 November 2019
“Macron has so many more ideas than other European leaders. But he would have more influence if he had the patience to build coalitions to defend them,” Charles Grant, director of the CER think-tank, recently pointed out.