In the Press - Salvaging Salzburg

25 September 2018
Financial Times
Sam Lowe and John Springford at the Centre for European Reform plot the path to a Brexit fudge on the Northern Irish backstop — but warn it could drag on until 2019: “The negotiations could well run into the New Year. If the UK is to capitulate, as the EU expects it will, it is difficult to see it happening while there is still time to negotiate further.”

In the Press - Brexit briefing: How to salvage the Brexit negotiations

25 September 2018
Financial Times
“A long-term customs union would reduce the number of checks necessary between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, since tariffs and rules of origin would not be an issue. And, as tempers cool over time — and if the wave of populism that currently threatens the EU recedes — it may be possible to bolt on shared rules and standards to the customs union, so that it gets closer to membership of the single market in goods. This strategy would amount to a ‘de-dramatisation’ of Chequers in order to make it more palatable to the EU, but it would not remove the need to agree a backstop.” (Sam Lowe and John Springford of the Centre for European Reform)

In the Press - Brexit weekly briefing: May picks herself up after Salzburg bruising

25 September 2018
The Guardian
The bloc is counting on Britain rewriting its red lines when push really comes to shove and it is confronted with the imminent prospect of a no-deal Brexit. They could well be right and, as the Centre for European Reform’s John Springford and Sam Lowe write, there are ways for May to do that without “breaking up” the UK.

In the Press - Brexit bulletin: Solving Salzburg

25 September 2018
The summit in Austria may have killed off her so-called Chequers exit plan, but May can still avoid a disastrous no-deal Brexit, according to the Centre for European Reform. Still, it will require some tough choices on the Irish backstop, the group said.

In the Press - Here is the Hard Brexiteers' plan to scrap Theresa May's Chequers deal

24 September 2018
Business Insider UK
Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform tweeted that the report "has not been thought through", and that their response to EU non-cooperation was counter-intuitive to the vision of the report. 

In the Press - Migrant rescue ship operators appeal to France after registration revoked

24 September 2018
Voice of America
Analyst Camino Mortera-Martinez of the Centre for European Reform says Italy’s approach has been met with a conflicted response in Brussels. “I think some in Brussels are actually happy that Salvini and others are bringing out these topics on the so-called ‘taxi service’ or the shuttle service, and the pull factor that some in government think that the NGOs have in the increase of migrants coming to Europe. I think there is a lot of hypocrisy in this discourse," Mortera-Martinez added.

In the Press - Why the 'Canada-plus' Brexit deal is no magic bullet - and would leave us in a state of flux for years

24 September 2018
The Telegraph
The Treasury forecast might sound drastic, but according to Sam Lowe, the trade policy expert at the Centre for European Reform think-tank, it looks reasonable when set against the possible upside of trade deals. The EU’s own calculations of the benefits of the now stalled EU-US transatlantic trade deal or “TTIP” were only an uplift of 0.5 per cent of EU GDP by 2027.

In the Press - Brexit bulletin: Deadlock returns

20 September 2018
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform and one of the best informed Brexit-watchers, summed it up: “Officials on both sides of Brexit talks think a deal really is doable, because all want a deal; but that on Irish border, there has been no convergence of position.”

In the Press - EU takes tough, unified line on Brexit in meeting with British

20 September 2018
The New York Times
Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, a research institution, said: "I don’t see any EU split right now, I really don't. I’ve been looking for a pro-British lobby in the Council for six months now, and I can't find one."

In the Press - Britain calls them nerve agent hit men. Russians ask whether they are gay.

14 September 2018
The Washington Post
The Centre for European Reform tweeted that its director of foreign policy, Ian Bond, told the BBC that the interview could have intended to “cause confusion, put smoke out there to obscure the battlefield.” He pointed to the fact that some find it believable that the suspects were indeed a gay couple going on vacation in Salisbury as evidence that such distractions can be effective.

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