France and Germany retake reins as Britain leaves EU's economic orbit

27 December 2020
The Wall Street Journal
“On European defense, it is coming out in a very French way,” said Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform. “Strategic autonomy would not have got as far as it has done had the British still been at the table.”

Brexit: fishing chiefs cry ‘betrayal’ as MPs fear rush to ratify deal

27 December 2020
The Guardian
Sam Lowe, a trade expert at the Centre for European Reform, described this kind of arrangement in a trade deal as “unusual”. MPs are also concerned about the potential of the EU to impose tariffs on other types of exports, including cars, if UK-based manufacturers do not comply with Brussels’ rules on the origins of components used in production.

Boris Johnson admits Brexit deal is limited for financial services

27 December 2020
Financial Times
“This agreement was never going to do much in terms of financial market access,” said Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform. “It’s less than [what is] in the EU’s Canada and Japan agreements,” he added.

EU member states begin process to approve Brexit trade deal

26 December 2020
Financial Times
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at think-tank the Centre for European Reform warned that businesses could face a “rocky readjustment period” in the new year. “While businesses will most certainly welcome the deal, they will suffer from the lack of an additional grace, or implementation, period to allow them more time to prepare for the change,” he said.

Boris Johnson delivered on Brexit. It may not soothe his unruly party

25 December 2020
The New York Times
“In the short term, the Tory Party is pretty united around the very hard Brexit that Boris Johnson pushed Britain toward but which many Britons never thought they were voting for,” said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, a research institute.

Brexit deal betrayal: EU reserves right to 'suspend deal' if UK drifts away from ECHR

25 December 2020
Camino Mortera-Martinez, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, wrote on Twitter: "As expected the 'Trade and Co-operation Deal' covers both trade and co-operation on matters such as law enforcement, civil and criminal judicial matters and research. It contains an additional 'horizontal' chapter on governance.

Brexit trade deal explained: The key parts of the landmark agreement

25 December 2020
Financial Times
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at think-tank the Centre for European Reform, said the deal “did little to maintain existing market access for UK services providers” and the UK had failed to secure ambitious provisions, relying on “vaguer commitments that offer little in practice”.

Brexit deal: UK announces 'Canada-style' arrangement with EU after December 31

24 December 2020
Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, said the deal was "thin" and that negotiations would likely be ongoing. "When the Brits realise what a thin deal they've got, their politicians will debate how/whether to improve it. Labour is likely to seek closer economic & security ties. For one reason or another, UK & EU will be in permanent negotiation, for at least 50 years. Ask the Swiss," Grant tweeted.

BBC News - Business daily: Brexit talks continue ahead of likely deal

24 December 2020
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform spoke to Business Daily about the ongoing Brexit talks.

Ireland can't hope to avoid the pitfalls of Brexit

19 December 2020
Independent (Ireland)
Confusion over product labelling, safety standards and customs rules means companies could also be looking at future product recalls, fines and even imprisonment as they trade under a new regime, according to the Centre for European Reform’s (CER) Sam Lowe.“It is not a question of whether companies will break the law – they will – but how vigorously the EU and UK authorities choose to enforce the new rules,” Mr Lowe said.

CER end of year podcast: Reflecting on 2020

18 December 2020
As 2020 draws to a close, Charles Grant, Christian Odendahl and Camino Mortera-Martinez look back at the year.

Brexit : les conservateurs britanniques s’accrochent au rêve de « Global Britain »

17 December 2020
La Croix
« En tant qu’ancien État membre cherchant à souligner son « indépendance », le Royaume-Uni ne pense pas que son influence dans les affaires de sécurité de l’Europe dépende d’une relation contractuelle avec l’UE, mais de son statut de membre permanent du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU, de membre de l’Otan et de grande puissance militaire » souligne Ian Bond, directeur au Centre for European Reform (CER). 

What does 2021 hold for jobs and businesses in Europe?

17 December 2020
For more insight into the EU’s economic future, euronews’ Naomi Lloyd spoke to Christian Odendahl, Chief Economist of think-tank the Centre for European Reform.According to Odendahl, we really need this fund. Southern Europe’s economies depend a lot on tourism and he believes the European recovery fund can bridge the gaps between the north and the south’s finances:“The amounts that are going from the north of Europe to the south are quite sizeable”, says Odendahl, adding “for a country like Greece, for example, it is bound to receive roughly 2 percent of GDP over the next couple of years. That’s a very sizeable transfer.”

Showdown ohne Ende: Warum die Brexit-Verhandlungen eine einzige Bankrotterklärung sind

17 December 2020
Charles Grant ist Chef des überparteilichen „Centre for European Reform“, ein weiser und leiser Mann, der den Brexit voraussagte, als das Wort dafür noch gar nicht existierte, ihm aber bereits im Jahre 2004 schwante, dass seine Landsleute gehen würden. Man begegnete Grant im Laufe der Jahre immer wieder.

Boris Johnson to visit India in January in bid to transform G7

Rory Stewart
15 December 2020
The Guardian
Rory Stewart, the former foreign office minister, told a Centre for European Reform event last week that the idea of “a big boys’ club of democracies” could spell “big trouble”, since it will be seen as democracies against China.

Strategic autonomy and the next four years of EU-US relations

15 December 2020
European leaders greeted Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election with relief.

Los desafíos internos acechan a Merkel

14 December 2020
El Pais
“Hemos perdido cinco semanas. Deberíamos haber optado por un cierre total desde mediados de octubre o antes. Merkel era perfectamente consciente, pero no se ha creado el clima necesario para que la población aceptara las medidas en una fase temprana”, interpreta Christian Odendahl, economista jefe del Centre for European Reform.

German economy hit hard as abrupt lockdown strikes fresh blow

14 December 2020
The latest numbers show that imposing a painful lockdown early is better than a series of softer stop-and-go measures, said Christian Odendahl, the Berlin-based chief economist of the Centre for European Reform.“Containing the virus effectively and in a timely fashion is what’s best for the economy in the medium run,” he said.

Ireland faces a Brexit day of reckoning – deal or no deal

13 December 2020
The Telegraph
Sam Lowe, an economist at the Centre for European Reform, agrees. He says: “After the UK, Ireland is the European economy most exposed to Brexit in general, no matter what the type of Brexit.

FT Podcast Payne's Politics: Time running out for Brexit trade deal

12 December 2020
With negotiations on a Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU stalled again, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning of a no-deal outcome, can the process be salvaged? Plus, with the Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland resolved this week in a new protocol, has the threat of a...