Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


How will Germany respond to Emmanuel Macron?

08 May 2017
Germany is divided on how to respond to Macron: some are wary of a new bargain to revive the Franco-German alliance, others are enthusiastic. 

The meaning of Macron

20 March 2017
The surge of support for Emmanuel Macron in France shows that liberal, pro-EU centrists may yet have a future in European politics. This would be good for the EU.

Mrs May's emerging deal on Brexit: Not just hard, but also difficult

20 February 2017
What will the Brexit deal look like? Which are the key decisions that Theresa May still has to make? And what should she do in order to get the best possible deal?

May is weak in Europe but strong at home

26 January 2017
The EU-27 fear domestic politics will drive Britain towards a very hard Br‎exit. But Theresa May is strong enough at home to resist such pressures, if she wishes to.

What does Theresa May's speech tell us about how Britain will leave the EU?

17 January 2017
Theresa May has decided on a hard Brexit, putting sovereignty ahead of economics. She thinks the negotiations will take only two years, but they will take longer.

Brussels prepares for a hard Brexit

21 November 2016
The EU institutions predict a painful divorce for the UK, because they see hard-line eurosceptics pushing Theresa May away from a soft Brexit.
Why the 27 are taking a hard line on Brexit

Why the 27 are taking a hard line on Brexit

03 October 2016
The British government needs to understand why the 27 are taking a hard line on Brexit, and then work hard to secure their goodwill.
Theresa May and her six-pack of difficult deals

Theresa May and her six-pack of difficult deals

28 July 2016
Theresa May’s ministers need to negotiate not just one Brexit deal, but six. They must charm not only EU governments, but also every WTO member.

How Brexit is changing the EU

15 July 2016
By boosting Europe's populists, Brexit is making EU governments increasingly hostile to the 'federalism' of the Brussels institutions. It is also making Germany even more preponderant.
How Leave outgunned Remain: The battle of the 'five Ms'

How Leave outgunned Remain: The battle of the 'five Ms'

25 June 2016
Remain suffered from unconvincing messengers, too narrow a message, difficulties over migration, a savage media and a ruthless Leave campaign machine.