Sophia Besch

Sophia Besch

Senior research fellow (Based in Berlin)
Areas of expertise 

EU Common Security and Defence Policy, European defence industry integration, NATO, German security and defence policy


A hitchhiker's guide to Galileo and Brexit

03 May 2018
The debate between the UK and the EU over British participation in the EU’s space programme ‘Galileo’ shows how difficult it will be to disentangle economic and security interests during Brexit negotiations. 

Plugging in the British: EU defence policy

26 April 2018
Both Britain and the EU would benefit from working together to keep Europe safe, even after Brexit. But economic protectionism and a desire for autonomy may get in the way.

The good European? Why Germany's policy ambitions must match its power

22 February 2018
The next German government should overcome 'small nation' thinking: Berlin needs to acknowledge that its domestic economic policy has consequences for its neighbours. It also needs to take more responsibility for European security.

Conference report: How to save the EU

15 January 2018
50 leading economists, political scientists and experts on the EU considered the forces undermining the Union, and how Europe should respond to them.

PESCO: Paper tiger, paper tanks?

29 November 2017
For PESCO to become more than another EU defence paper tiger, it must develop effective assessment mechanisms and deliver on filling European capability gaps.

Relaunching the EU

07 November 2017
The EU is ripe for fundamental reform. New policies are needed for migration and the euro. The EU also needs more flexible structures so that countries can opt in and out of key policies.
What the German elections mean for Brexit

What the German elections mean for Brexit

30 August 2017
The German elections will not affect the outcome of Brexit, whatever coalition partner Angela Merkel may choose.
Make German politics interesting again

Make German politics interesting again

18 August 2017
Merkel is disarming the SPD, which is too cautious to promise real change, while Die Linke’s radicalism is poisoning the SPD’s only possible route to power.
What the German elections mean for Europe

What the German elections mean for Europe

20 July 2017
Germany's next chancellor won't be able to govern alone. A coalition of parties with differing views on Eurozone reform and German military power will shape Berlin's Europe policy after the election.

What future for the European defence fund?

28 June 2017
For the European defence fund to succeed, member-states have to agree how to distribute the money, how to finance joint projects, and which capabilities to develop.