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Beth Oppenheim

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Brexit, European foreign policy, Europe/Middle East relations, migration

Children, rubble school Yemen

Europe is at war over arms exports

Foreign Policy
18 September 2019
The EU must start enforcing its export controls, or else risk making conflicts around the world even worse.

CER podcast: Negotiations after no-deal Brexit

11 September 2019
John Springford deciphers what has been happening in Westminster over the past week, and talks to Beth Oppenheim about what this means for the chances of a no-deal Brexit.

Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu are hellbent on destroying the two-state solution – the EU must not let them

The Independent
02 August 2019
In typical Trump style, Kushner is pushing a $50bn Middle East ‘deal of the century’ to solve the Israel-Palestinian question. It won’t work and so the European Union should step in.

CER podcast: The EU's Security Union

31 July 2019
Beth Oppenheim asks Camino Mortera-Martinez to review the record of the EU's Security Union.

CER podcast: Does the EU need a common arms export policy?

17 July 2019
Sophia Besch and Beth Oppenheim discuss the state of the EU's arms export regime, and whether the Union needs a genuinely common and enforceable policy.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been found unlawful – this could end the war in Yemen

The Independent
20 June 2019
The UK knew the Saudi-led coalition was bombing Yemeni civilians and yet it carried on selling arms. Why has it taken legal action to force the British government to abide by national, EU and international law?

CER podcast: The Big European Sort? The diverging fortunes of Europe's regions

19 June 2019
Beth Oppenheim talks to John Springford and Christian Odendahl about regional divergence across the EU.

CER podcast: European Parliament elections special

20 May 2019
Beth Oppenheim talks to the CER's experts about the upcoming European Parliament elections.

CER podcast: Europe and Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi

24 April 2019
Sophia Besch asks Beth Oppenheim whether the European-Saudi relationship has changed after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi last October.

Judy Asks: Is Brexit bad for Europe?

Carnegie Europe
11 April 2019
Yes – and that’s not just British hubris. True, Britain has always been an awkward member of the EU, pushing back against continental hopes for a more federalist Union.