Is Trump or Biden better for post-Brexit Britain?

Press quote (Voice of America)
14 October 2020

The British government is looking to the United States for a new trade deal to boost its economy. However, any hopes that such a deal would be quick and easy have faded rapidly, says Ian Bond of the Centre for European Reform, in a recent interview.  “Trump has been a supporter of Brexit but I think the British government has realised by now from its trade negotiations with the US that there is no free lunch. The more that the UK wants in terms of access to the America market, the more it’s going to have to give in terms of concessions on standards and the like,” Bond told VOA.   

“The upside [to Biden] is more predictability in the relationship and a more favourable view to transatlantic institutions like NATO,” says analyst Ian Bond. “The downside with Biden is he has very strong links to Irish-American community, indeed he springs from the Irish-American community himself. Biden would probably take a much tougher line with the British on their obligations in the [EU] Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland protocol than Trump would.”