EU backs Serbia-Kosovo land swap idea

Press quote (The National)
31 August 2018

Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, equated the idea of border changes to “sticking a hand into a hornet’s nest”. “The question is whether you can contain territory swaps between Serbia and Kosovo and say this doesn’t set a precedent for anyone else,” Mr Bond told The National.

The minorities living outside the areas destined for land swaps would also be further isolated and further exposed to negligence and potentially abuse on the part of the authorities, Bond added.

The proposed border adjustments are part of a deal to secure Belgrade’s recognition of Kosovo independence, which would pave the way for both countries’ admission to the EU.

“If Kosovo could reach a deal which involves full diplomatic recognition by Serbia, then it would be extremely hard for the rest of the world not to recognise Kosovo,” the analyst said.