Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


BBC Newsnight: Migrant crisis

30 July 2015
Charles Grant discusses the current migrant crisis: watch it here (21:30) and why the UK is a favoured destination for migrants.

Radio 4 - Week in Westminster: Greek crisis and the eurozone

27 June 2015
Charles Grant speaks on the 'Week in Westminster' discussing the Greek crisis and the eurozone.

Will Europe ever stop being a headache for David Cameron?

The Telegraph
26 June 2015
The PM is trying to please too many people who want very different outcomes.

If David Cameron makes a passionate case for the EU, its leaders will help him

The Observer
21 June 2015
The prime minister must not dance to the tune of his backbenchers at the Brussels summit.

Germany seeks to give Britain EU leeway — but not at any price

Financial Times
10 June 2015
David Cameron, the British prime minister, left a good impression after his recent visit to Berlin. He talked politely about his hope ffor EU reform, ahead of a referendum on membership before the end of 2017. Yet senior German figures worry about the imminent British "renegotiation". They fret that Britain’s...

How Cameron can win an EU referendum

13 May 2015
Now that Cameron has won Britain’s general election, he must fulfil his promise of negotiating reforms to the EU and then holding an in-or-out referendum before the end of 2017.

Listen carefully to the British

Flashlight Europe - Bertelsmann-Stiftung
12 May 2015
Other than many have predicted the general election in the United Kingdom have not led to a hung parliament but the opposite: An absolute majority for David Cameron and his Tory party.

ECFR's the world in 30 minutes: British elections

06 May 2015
On 7 May the British public is asked to choose a new government. Mark Leonard, Robin Niblett, Charles Grant, the director of the CER and Ulrike Franke discuss the possible outcomes and what this would mean for the future of British foreign policy and its relationship with the EU.

FT Future of Europe Leadership Series: Will the election decide the future of the UK in Europe?

29 April 2015
Charles Grant speaks at the first panel discussion of the FT Future of Europe Leadership Series organised in co-operation with the CER and King's College London.

Germany is becoming relaxed about a Grexit – perhaps too relaxed

The Guardian
24 April 2015
Many EU member states and the US still fear the consequences of Greece leaving Europe. They need to get their voices heard in Berlin