Charles Grant

Charles Grant

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Britain's EU referendum, the 'future of Europe' debate, the euro, Russia, European foreign and defence policy and China's relations with the West.


Channel 4 News: Sturgeon's Brexit warning

25 July 2016
Charles Grant talked to Channel 4 News about the the possible consequences of Brexit for border controls in Northern Ireland and Scotland's hopes of remaining in the EU.
(Sturgeon's Brexit warning - from 01.47) 

ITV News: France hopes to snap up finance trade from London after a Brexit

21 July 2016
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke to ITV News. "The French government would love to see business move from the City of London to Paris for two reasons."

Por qué Reino Unido perdió la batalla

El Pais
04 July 2016
La hostilidad hacia las élites se ha convertido en una fuerza poderosa, no solo en Europa sino también en EE UU. Para la Unión Europea es un problema porque, según el autor, siempre será vista como una institución ligada a la clase dirigente.

BBC Westminster Hour: The UK after the referendum

26 June 2016
Speaking on the BBC's Westminster Hour (from 48.02 mins) Charles Grant observed that the EU will be forced to undertake major reforms in the wake of Brexit, including on the issue of free movement.
Britain’s Out. Now what?

Britain's Out. Now what?

24 June 2016
Before dawn broke on the Continent, the outcome was shocking, if not wholly surprising. The majority of British voters chose to leave the EU. So what happens now to the UK, the EU and the world beyond.

Viewpoint: Brexit throws uncertain EU off balance

BBC News
24 June 2016
A while ago France's National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen said that if the UK voted to leave the EU, it would be like the Berlin Wall falling in 1989.

The Remain camp has been weak

EU Observer
23 June 2016
As Britons go to the polling booths to decide about their country's EU membership, the outcome of the referendum is impossible to predict. But whatever the result, what prime minister David Cameron has called "a frenetic campaign" has failed to produce a compelling argument for Europe, EU expert Charles Grant told EUobserver.

Wyjście Wielkiej Brytanii z Unii będzie jak trzęsienie ziemi

Polska Times
21 June 2016
Jeśli dojdzie do Brexitu, przez Europę przeleje się fala eurosceptycyzmu. Powróci też pytanie o rolę Niemiec w Unii - mówi Charles Grant, założyciel i dyrektor londyńskiego ośrodka analitycznego Centre for European Reform, w rozmowie z Agatonem Kozińskim.

After a vote for Brexit, Britain will be given three choices

The Times
20 June 2016
One of the most remarkable things about this referendum campaign has been the dearth of discussion on the various alternatives to EU membership.

CER podcast: The EU referendum - a fact free debate

20 June 2016
Charles Grant chats with colleagues Simon Tilford, Rem Korteweg, Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, John Springford and Sophia Besch to discuss common EU myths and how to improve the quality of the debate.