In the Press - Michel Barnier knows the real meaning of 'taking back control'

23 November 2017
The Evening Standard
It is ironic that those on the extreme Right who want to leave the EU will thereby demolish the biggest block to Corbyn’s economic policies. It is interesting, too, that the one politician who has a clear idea of the meaning of “take back control” is not British. Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief negotiator in the Brexit talks, made this clear at a conference on Monday in Brussels, organised by the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - The British machine is 'Getting its act together' on Brexit

22 November 2017
Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, which has a track record of predicting the next steps in Brexit talks, said the perception in Brussels of the British team has improved, and with it the chances of a deal to allow negotiations to move from separation to trade. “EU officials say that British officials are being impressive, and guiding the politicians. The Treasury is more involved and that pleases them, because the Treasury is switched on,” Grant said in an interview. “May is more involved and that pleases them. The British machine is getting its act together.”

In the Press - 'You're powerless!' Bombshell report urges Brussels to punish states flouting 'EU values'

22 November 2017
The Express
Brussles should be granted the power to punish rogue member states flouting “EU values” by withholding billions of pounds in funding from them, a landmark report says today. The dossier, compiled by the influential Centre for European Reform think tank, says the bloc’s current deterrents are too weak and have “proved impossible to use in practice”. 

In the Press - EU Commission gives grave WARNING to UK businesses after Barnier SCRAPS passporting rights

22 November 2017
The Express
The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said on Monday that if the UK leave the single market then financial firms will lose their EU passporting rights. He claimed the UK cannot “cherry pick” at aspects of the single market and it will lose the benefits of the single market when it leaves the European Union. Speaking at a conference by the Centre for European Reform, Mr Barnier said: “On financial services, UK voices suggest that Brexit does not mean Brexit. Brexit means Brexit, everywhere.

In the Press - Time for tough love for EU rule breakers

22 November 2017
Financial Times
 Brussels should withhold structural funds from countries in breach of the rule of law, argue Jasna Šelih, Ian Bond and Carl Dolan in a new report for the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Merkel's troubles may spell trouble for all of Europe

21 November 2017
“I don’t think it makes much difference to Brexit in the short term, because the positions of various parties in Berlin are all pretty hard-line on the issues,” said Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform. “But it might matter in the long term, because if the negotiations get stuck, Merkel and Macron could intervene to get a deal,” he said. “That might not happen if Merkel disappears, because the EU got used to her knocking heads together.”

In the Press - Brexiteers call on May to exploit Merkel crisis

21 November 2017
The Times
The developments in Britain took place as Michel Barnier, the EU Brexit negotiator, backed Ireland’s bid to avoid a hard border. “I know that this point is politically sensitive in the UK, it is not less sensitive in Ireland,” he said at a Centre for European Reform conference in Brussels yesterday.

In the Press - Brexit: UK banks will lose 'passporting rights' after Britain leaves EU, Brussels says

Michel Barnier
20 November 2017
The Independent
British banks will lose "passporting rights" to do business in the European Union after Brexit, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator has said. Speaking in Brussels on Monday Michel Barnier said that "Brexit means Brexit, everywhere" and that there could be no opt-ins to parts of the single market for certain industries. “On financial services, UK voices suggest that Brexit does not mean Brexit. Brexit means Brexit, everywhere,” Mr Barnier said in a major speech to the Centre for European Reform think-tank.

In the Press - Barnier hints EU parliaments will block Brexit trade deal if UK plans too much divergence - Politics live

Michel Barnier
20 November 2017
The Guardian
Michel Barnier says it is odd to be talking about Brexit at a Centre or European Reform conference about the future of the EU. But he goes on
"Brexit could prove to be a turning point in the European project.
The year 2016 could be seen as a moment of reckoning. It could be the point where the EU realises “no one will do for us what we don’t do for ourselves.”
Barnier shows a slide which he says David Cameron used to use to justify his faith in the single market.