In the Press - Cracking the EU 

16 March 2018
Financial Times
 John Springford, Samuel Lowe and Beth Oppenheim at the Centre for European Reform write comprehensively on why the Brits will have a hard time cracking the EU-27 in Brexit trade talks. Jim Brunsden examines if May can solve her customs conundrum.

In the Press - Britain hints at tougher blow against Russia: Stripping tycoons' assets

15 March 2018
The New York Times
For Russians, part of Britain’s draw was its offer of legal shelter; it refuses extradition requests from Russia. British institutions, meanwhile, have been lenient with wealthy foreign buyers, skimming through due diligence procedures intended to determine the source of a buyer’s funds, said Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform. “This has been a very weak part of our money-laundering system,” Mr. Bond said. “Not enough questions are being asked about overseas shell properties. Estate agents are not asking the right questions — or any questions — about the beneficial owners.”

In the Press - Meet the Brexit negotiators: David Davis and Michel Barnier

15 March 2018
Financial Times
“Davis, with his breezy self-confidence, sometimes finds it hard to connect with Barnier, who sticks firmly to the rigorous principles of the EU’s legal order,” says Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Tillerson's ouster has allies hoping for coherence, but fearing the worst

14 March 2018
The New York Times
Whatever Mr. Tillerson’s failings, said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, “he was a mainstream Republican, he was one of the grown-ups.” “On trade he was sensible and on Iran his view is the European view,” Mr. Grant added, “and it is worrying that the President may have a Secretary of State who might make it easier for him to pursue his course on Iran.”

In the Press - Global Britain – a slogan without substance?

13 March 2018
So are foreign affairs and security among the few areas where Brexit will leave little mark? “That’s the hope,” Sophia Besch, of the Centre for European Reform told EURACTIV. “There’s been quite a big effort from both sides not to have anything change.”

In the Press - Could Jersey be the solution to Britain's Brexit trade deal with EU?

13 March 2018
The Express
The island could seal the deal according to trade expert Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform, who told that Jersey’s “strange relationship” with the EU could be a blueprint for Britain.Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, and is a Crown dependency of the UK with a special relationship with the EU. 

In the Press - Trump stops short of blaming Russia over former spy poisoning

13 March 2018
Voice of America
Expectations are growing for a tough response from May, said Ian Bond, of the Centre for European Reform. "I think she'll be under a lot of pressure to show that the UK takes this very seriously. And that's partly because when she was home secretary, and indeed before that, the British reaction to the murder of [Russian defector] Alexander Litvinenko in London was seen as rather weak."

In the Press - Foreign Office policy of Global Britain is 'superficial rebranding'

12 March 2018
The Guardian
A paper by the Centre for European Reform shows both the EU and UK have declined to be specific about the kind of future foreign policy relationship they have in mind. The CER paper suggested a treaty-based alliance similar to that between the EU and Canada to guarantee consultation on sanctions policy, secondment of British officials to the European foreign policy service and regular meetings with UK officials before meetings of the EU foreign affairs council.

In the Press - After Brexit – the danger of a 'Boris Border'

10 March 2018
The Irish Times
As John Springford of the UK Centre for European Reform wrote recently: “Theresa May must choose two of the following three options: an exit from the single market and customs union, no hard border with Ireland, and an all-UK approach to Brexit.”

In the Press - May's trilemma

08 March 2018
Financial Times
John Springford, at the Centre for European Reform, helpfully sums up the PM’s headache in the following “trilemma”: the UK can have two of the following, but not all three at the same time: