Simon Tilford

Simon Tilford

Deputy director
Areas of expertise 

Britain and Europe, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy, labour and social policy, competition, innovation, environmental economics and demographics.

Simon Tilford

Sky News: UK lacking in preparation for the Brexit negotiations

18 July 2017
Simon Tilford speaks with Sky's Ian Brady on the EU's frustration with Britain over its lack of preparation for the Brexit negotiations.

BBC Radio World at One: EU first

14 July 2017
Simon Tilford speaks to 'The World at One' about Emmanuel Macron and his priorities (from 15:27mins).

CER podcast: UK election primer

07 June 2017
On the day before the UK general election, Charles Grant and Simon Tilford discuss current polls, the effect of recent attacks on voting, which issues were not sufficiently discussed in the campaigns and what would be the best possible election result for Europe.
CER podcast: Why no deal is not better than a bad deal

CER podcast: Why no deal is not better than a bad deal

05 June 2017
Simon Tilford and John Springford lay out in detail how leaving the EU without a deal would damage the British economy.

Why 'Brexit' will make Britain's mediocre economy worse

The New York Times
29 May 2017
An observer of Britain's 'Brexit' debate would be forgiven for thinking that the country's economy is one of the European Union's star performers.

Britain’s complacency over Brexit will end in humiliation

The Guardian
02 May 2017
France and Germany don't make the mistake of thinking they would be better off outside the EU. The UK is deluding itself if it thinks it will prosper.

Das Märchen von der britischen Einzigartigkeit

Spiegel Online
29 April 2017
Die britische Elite hält ihr Land für dermaßen außergewöhnlich, dass es den Rest Europas nicht braucht. So war ihre Einstellung zur EU, so kam es zum Brexit. Und so wird es zu einer Demütigung der Briten kommen.

Es ist ein Beispiel von Selbstbeschädigung

Die Presse
28 March 2017
Simon Tilford, Chief Economist des Centre for European Reform in London, über die bevorstehenden Brexit-Verhandlungen.

Brexit-folk er ikke globaliseringstabere

09 January 2017
Siden et flertal af briterne i juni sidste år stemte for at forlade EU, har politikere og analytikere kaldt det et oprør fra vælgere, der er blevet ramt af globaliseringens ulemper og stigende ulighed.

Brexit blow: UK's top EU diplomat quits as Article 50 deadline looms

International Business Times
03 January 2017
Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, spoke to IBTimes UK about Rogers' resignation.