Beth Oppenheim

Beth Oppenheim


Brexit Britain faces a reality check on trade

19 December 2017
Britain and the European Union are finally set to begin what promises to be the toughest stage of the Brexit process: negotiating a new relationship and a transition phase to bed down the changes.

The case for a slow-motion Brexit

05 December 2017
Recent chaos in the negotiations shows that a two-year "implementation period" is entirely unrealistic.

What explains the "Brexodus" from DExEU?

31 October 2017
The Department for Exiting the European Union has slowly haemorrhaged civil servants ever since its inception last year.

The EU has 36 free trade deals with non-EU countries - will they roll over to Britain after Brexit?

10 October 2017
For the past 44 years, the UK has relied upon the European Union, formerly the European Economic Community, to negotiate trade deals.