Sam Lowe

Sam Lowe

Research fellow
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International trade, European trade policy, rules of origin, the single market, Brexit, environmental co-operation, investor-state dispute settlement.


Sorry Britain, EU countries won't break ranks over post-Brexit trade

16 March 2018
Theresa May has finally spelled out some of the “hard facts” of Brexit, but she’s still holding out hope for that seemingly impossible sweetheart deal: market access as close as possible to the UK’s current arrangement, but with fewer obligations.

BBC Radio 5 live - Drive: Trump and steel tariffs

09 March 2018
Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform spoke to Radio 5 live on the new tariffs President Trump has imposed on steel and aluminium to the US (from 14:15 mins).

Jersey holds the key to unlock Brexit dilemma

08 March 2018
Could the Channel Islands hold the key to unlock the Brexit puzzle? Trade expert Sam Lowe of the CER told EURACTIV that Jersey’s ‘strange relationship’ with the EU could be an acceptable ‘halfway house’.

CNBC: Brexit: Analysts preview the next stage of talks between the EU and UK

02 March 2018
Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform, and Bill Cash of the European Scrutiny Committee, discuss the latest Brexit developments.

Liam Fox's shiny new trade deals won't compensate for hard Brexit

The Guardian
28 February 2018
If Britain leaves the single market and customs union, the idea that future trade agreements will make up for the losses is for the birds.

Of course we will strike a bespoke Brexit deal — but that's not the point

19 February 2018
The government’s “Road to Brexit” series of speeches has kicked off, with Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister making contributions so far.

Brexit will damage UK services exports

15 February 2018
Distance and economy size are the most important factors determining the level of trade between two countries.

BBC Radio 4 - Today programme: Free ports

13 February 2018
Free ports could potentially bring some local benefits after Brexit, but they won’t outweigh the costs of leaving the European customs union said Sam Lowe, a reasearch fellow at the CER (from 1: 27 mins).

Britain is drowning trying to land trade deals

The Evening Standard
05 February 2018
Brexit equals new trade deals. With the US, with China, with India, with everyone. All that’s needed is a Royal Yacht, decent jam to sell and a “go get ’em attitude” — at least according to some of the loudest Leavers.

BBC Radio 4 - World at one: UK trade deals

10 January 2018
Sam Lowe speaks to the World at One about the UK’s prospects for a post-Brexit bespoke trade deal with EU? (from 8:50 mins).